The ECORRCRATE is a patent pending product developed to meet the growing need for a crating solution that is eco friendly, easy to recycle, with the strength and durabil-ity of existing wood crating and most importantly cost effective. Lets face it, in today’s economy we need solutions that save your company money. The ECORRCRATE meets all these qualifications and more!

Strong — The key to the strength of the ECORRCRATE is the ECORRBOARD, which is a patent pending product we use to make the ECORRCRATE. In lab tests it was able to meet or exceed the strength of most all traditional wood crates. All of our walls and the top are made with the ECORRBOARD.

Light — The ECORRCRATE is typically less than 1/2 the weight of a comparable wooden crate, saving additional money on freight.

Compact — The ECORRCRATE can ship in a compact, knock down form, which offers our clients many addi-tional benefits including reduced shipping costs and requiring less storage space.

Recyclable — The ECORRCRATE is 100% recyclable. Extensive research has been put into our product to make sure the most environmentally friendly materials are used in the manufacturing of the ECORRCRATE.

Water Resistant — The ECORRCRATE utilizes the most recent technological advances in humidity protec-tion in the form of a patented product called ClimaGuard that protects the internal portions of the ECORRBOARD against humidity and a water resistant patented coating called FiberShield that repels water on the exterior of the ECORRCRATE.

Safe — There are no tools required to set up the ECORRCRATE which minimizes the chance of injuries to you and your employees.

Convenient — The knock down ECORRCRATE can be assembled in a fraction of the time of a conventional crate, which saves money on labor. The end user can disassemble the crate by clipping the straps and just throwing it into the recycle bin.

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